Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hand-made Candy : Sticky

 Assalamualaikum and morning!

Do you like candy? ahaaa? yeeah.. candy is sweet. So sweet. like me?ahaaaa?... just kidding! hehe. I'm not really like to eat candy but sometimes i need it to relieve my sleepiness. argghhh... so ngantuk maaaa especially in lecture time. too many lectures in ENT posting maa... wuargghh~~~

Last month i had hang out to Pavillion mall with my friend then he showed me this shop called "STICKY'. waaahh ..what a name? KAyU? ehhe.. weird and never heard before. But it is a nice shop. There's you can see how they made this candy. Amazing right? how "jakun " i am to see this.... whoooaoaoa.... sambil molot ternganga.... ^ O ^

this is a short video how they make it ;)

 cute right?

fancy to see this? get it now... acerrrrrr....

my sticky (mix flavor)!not so much left. not just me eat it ok? i will get diabetes (kencing manis) if i eat all of this alone.=.='

expensive ?reasonable larhh..

 at the shop :)

can i buy all? they are so cuteeeeeeeeee!!!!!

you all can order this for your wedding door gift if u have enough money la...HAHA. then you can invite me larh so i can get free sticky from u'olls.. ehe. i love free things very much you know.!! muahahaha :D

that's all "merepek" for today. 

have a nice day and good time with your love one.



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